Since last week we’ve been making more of an effort to get Liliana to eat. Eating at the dinner table actually seems to have worked! This week Liliana’s eaten baby food, taken bites out of my banana, had some broccoli florets and some of the ricotta cheese filling from ravioli. She’s still refusing food sometimes, and spitting out bites that are too big for her. She’s also been refusing to brush her teeth; last week she let us do the brushing for her, but this week she’s finding it fun to turn her head away really fast when I try to brush her teeth.

We got her new feeding pump earlier this week. I love it! It’s the Kangaroo ePump and it’s so easy to use. There is a backpack for it that costs around $130, but I think we could just use a regular backpack if we need to go out. It makes more noise than the Enteralite pump we had before, but it’s so intuitive and user-friendly that the extra noise doesn’t bother me.

Damien’s doing well. When he’s on his back, he can turn his whole body to lay on his side so he’s close to turning over onto his belly I guess. Last night when he had some tummy time, he was kicking his legs like he was trying to crawl. So many different things going on for him!

I need to get Liliana’s feeding, so here’s a gallery of her eating (click picture to enlarge):

I do have more pictures, but I can’t find my CF card reader. I’ll post them this weekend if I can find the reader.

Everyone’s getting fussy. Bye!