I actually have the photos ready in time for e-mail subscribers to (hopefully) get this post in their e-mail Friday mornings!

I’ve really been busy this week. First, we had the gastric emptying test on Monday. It lasted at least 2 hours, and Liliana cried through most of it. Then we had some trouble with our Medicaid application. A few things were missing and it was already past the deadline, so our application was denied. I submitted the missing documentation, and I hope the supervisor at the county assistance office can possibly review our application. If that doesn’t happen, I either have to appeal or reapply. It’s really frustrating because the majority of my problems with this stemmed from my not receiving the Proof of Disability 2 months after it was promised. I still don’t have it.

Anyhow, good things are happening with Liliana. Her development has gotten better this last week, which I will expand further on in another post. I’ve also noticed that she’s getting hungry sooner and sooner, so I’m trying to give her extra volume in her feeds. My milk supply has yet to catch up, but I try to pump as much as I can and supplement with mixed formula if needed.

Let’s get on with the photos already!

An excited smile

Holding her favorite toy

Holding Ducky

A little Ducky hug

I put her right over the middle of the red blanket, yet she manages to squirm away. Still not rolling over yet, though.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Photo!