It’s already April and we had some snow this morning. Surely Mother Nature knows that it’s spring already! Maybe it’s her form of an April Fool’s Joke!

While we’re still waiting for the weather to warm up and the plants to start blooming, Liliana and Damien are growing into their cuteness more each day.

I think Liliana’s gotten taller overnight (this picture is from earlier this week), but I just tried measuring her with a tape measure and it says she’s 29″, which is what we got at a doctor’s appointment last week or the week before.

Damien’s beginning to baby-talk. He makes some cute noises! He’s also grabbing things more purposefully and bringing them to his mouth; last night he grabbed my arm with both hands and brought it to his mouth like it was a turkey leg! He started to mouth my arm until he realized that it didn’t taste so good.

Okay, all the babies are whining and crying and I need to feed them for the 2nd time today and yessssss I have more pictures to share.

Looking angelic, never really acting the part!

Tummy time master! Until he gets too tired and rubs his face around in his own drool...

Cute puppy face

His cheeks are perfect for smooching!

Time to feed everyone! Bye!