Hello! I’m posting this Friday’s photos early because my St Patty’s Day post was e-mailed on the wrong day (I was telling Feedburner to update immediately but it didn’t). Anyway, these are the other photos I took of Liliana in her green outfit. She wasn’t too happy to start with, but once I started talking to her all nice-like, she started smiling.

"What are you doing?"

Pouty pout. She looks so concerned with her furrowed eyebrows.

There's a smile!

Liliana’s so silly sometimes. I think it’s hard for her to smile just for the camera, but if she sees my face and I talk to her, she’ll light up. The weird thing is that this is the same baby who will smile all to herself while she’s in her crib. She also talks to herself more than she talks to me.

It’s getting late and there are things for me to do. Have a great Friday!