Hello, hello. This past week I’ve come down with a cold, which is still in full effect. I’m hoping that Liliana’s not starting to get it, but it’s very hard to tell if she is. She did have a stuffy nose this morning, which I managed to unclog, but she seems perfectly fine otherwise.

This week’s photos are of the dirty persuasion. Not that kind of dirty, mind you, but the messy, gross, drives-Mom-crazy kind of dirty that babies just so happen to make when eating solids.

Sean feeding Liliana something green, like peas or green beans.

Liliana likes to grab the spoon and stick it in her mouth.

And if you want to see the messiness up close!

Okay, fine. This feeding wasn’t as messy as some others we’ve had. Also, now that Liliana’s sitting up pretty well, we’ll probably start feeding her in her high chair.

I had more to say, like how she has her Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinic on Tuesday, which will involve a hearing test, doctor visits, and a breathing test, and will take ALL DAY, but Liliana’s getting fussy and I’m hungry. Later!