Liliana was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was very busy for the both of us, and we were both exhausted and grumpy when we got home. Liliana didn’t want to sleep though, so she whined, cried and screamed for most of the night. I got her to go to sleep by laying her next to me and rubbing her back. When I stopped rubbing her back, she instantly whined so I had to keep doing it until she fell deep asleep.

We’re still figuring out the best way to “store” her G-tube so that it’s not something she can step on or pull out easily, yet it’s still accessible for when I have to give her meds or feed her. Right now I have part of the tube pinned, with the help of tape, to the inside of her clothes (so if it gets tugged or pulled, it pulls on her clothes instead of the tubing part that goes inside her). There’s also an extension set that’s used for easier hooking up for feedings; I have that part taped to the inside of her clothes.

One thing that has become very uncomfortable for her is farting. I guess because she can’t burp, the gas has to go through the digestive system and it causes gas pains. I’ll probably have to vent her stomach more often to prevent this.

Apart from that, she woke up this morning as she usually does—happy! Another good thing was that she didn’t throw up any of her overnight feed, which was something we were struggling with before the surgery. There was a downside, however. Explosive. Poop. It went out a leg hole and got on her Nap Nanny bed cover.

When she was all clean, I laid her down next to Sean on our bed, and she fell asleep. Very cute.

These upcoming weeks are going to be crazy. I have to renew Liliana’s Medicaid and WIC benefits (meaning I have to gather a ton of paperwork), I’m going to have to see the OB office once a week until I deliver (my C-section is scheduled for December 13), Liliana has an appointment with the GI doctor and an appointment for her flu booster shot the first week of December, and she’s getting her G-tube changed to a button the next week on December 7.

Okay, I’m done talking. These pics are from the hospital using my webcam.

Trapped. The tube in her nose is suctioning out her stomach contents.

Yesterday. No tube in nose!

The first smile I've seen since the surgery

Chatting up a storm

She loves pointing



Liliana’s screaming her head off now. Byeeeee.