Liliana is starting to like to eat more solids.  A friend at work though was going on and on about how his baby is already eating the same food they eat.  I smiled, but it really just made me sad.  Anyway, tonight we tried Oatmeal with Peaches and Bananas.  It’s a level 2 baby food.  She still won’t eat much, and its hard, but mostly she’s just stubborn.  She really likes green solids like Green beans and “Country Vegetables” which is what we had yesterday.  She also liked Cinnamon Raisin Granola, but not as much as the Country Vegetables.  If she doesn’t like it even a little, she’ll just cry about it.   It makes me immensely frustrated, because I’m trying so hard to make each of these eating experiences positive.  We’re fighting back against a lot of bad experiences with anything moving through her esophagus.  Tonight she was already sleepy and grumpy (has been throwing up a bit more than normal, expends a lot of energy), so I knew going in that a completely positive experience would be impossible.

So, halfway through she started getting upset.  I wasn’t letting her touch the food as much as she wanted to, and I wasn’t letting her hold the spoon as much as she wanted to, and she was sleepy but couldn’t sleep.  When she’s sleepy and hungry, she gets whinier and needier, sounds like she gets that from a certain someone.

Whiny like daddy.

As she cried more, I decided to give up on trying to get the food into her mouth, and just end the feeding session on a happy note for everyone:  She would feed me instead.

She actually learned this two weeks ago.


I see a spoon.

I have spoon!

I dip spoon.

Prepare yourself, Daddy!

At least one of us is having fun.

If she doesn’t like the peaches in baby food, I sure do.

At first we had to show her what it meant when you opened your mouth and said “Ahhhummm-nomnom” but afterwards, she caught on quickly.  I hand her the spoon, and she dips it into the baby food cup with intense concentration, and then looks at me and goes “Ahhhmm.”  Then I open my mouth and move towards the spoon, and she reaches as far as she can until I eat it.  The pictures don’t really show how focused she is because we all really hate the camera on my phone.  The flash is annoying, often useless, and will delay a picture by 3-5 seconds.  That’s an eon in terms of a feeding session!  We’re lucky we got any usable shots at all.  That’s why she’s always staring at the camera like “What is with these annoying bright lights?”  Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it.  Good night, and by the time you read this, Good morning!