Tonight was the second night that Sean and I tried feeding rice cereal to Liliana. The first night was practically a failure: We used a small measuring spoon to get the rice cereal into her mouth and although she swallowed it, she cried and cried. That was sometime last week and we hadn’t tried since.

Sean wanted to try again tonight, so he mixed up the rice cereal with some of my milk and put it in a syringe. He fed it to Liliana through the syringe, and she cried yet again. I said something about how this was probably reinforcing her oral aversion since it seemed she didn’t like it. Sean countered that she’s going to learn to like it by feeling that her stomach is getting full as she’s eating. Sure enough, as he continued to feed her Liliana stopped crying and honestly, she looked like she enjoyed the rice cereal! She stuck her tongue out to lick the food up into her mouth. It was very interesting to see.

I think she ate 5-7 ml total of the rice cereal, which is a great step in the right direction.

Liliana and I are going to see her GI doctor tomorrow. Since Sean’s car is currently getting its fender repaired, I’m going to have to drive Sean to work tomorrow around 8:30. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’ll be nice to get out in the warmer weather without having to bundle Liliana all up.

Apart from that, there’s a new website layout! The previous one was very crowded, and although I liked that there was a lot of information available, it was too much to handle. So check out the new layout of My Little Liliana when you get a chance! If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may have to change your text size to medium or larger in order to read the text properly.

All right, it’s getting late and I have things to do early in the morning. Good night!