Our little family has had a cold since Christmas. Things had gotten so bad that we ventured out the day after New Year’s for medical help. My PCP’s office was supposed to be open until 11 for walk-ins, but they had locked their doors up because of how many patients they were getting. We then went to the clinic at CVS, not really sure if they would be able to help, but we were seen by a Nurse Practitioner and our colds were much more than colds.

Sean was getting the start of a sinus infection (and maybe had an ear infection?). Liliana had ear infections in both ears. Damien seemed okay so far, so we didn’t get him checked out (and the clinic can only see kids older than 18 months). I, however, got the triple whammy: ear infection, sinus infection, and eye infection.

One night this week, Damien woke up in the middle of the night, coughing and crying. He seemed better in the morning, but then he seemed sick again after a nap. A sick visit at the pediatrician showed that he had an infection in one ear.

Sean, Liliana, and I still have a cough. Liliana’s nose is still running and Damien is starting to get a runny nose.

I’m tired, so I’ll post what photos I have (which aren’t many because of bad winter lighting and everyone not feeling well). I’m officially moving my scheduled photos to be on Sunday instead of Friday.

Damien eating breakfast

Liliana doing a weird twisting dance for the camera