I have something a little different for you today, and I hope you’ll like it! The photos may take longer to load because the file sizes are larger, but hopefully you’ll have a better visual experience :)

So I promised to write about our Easter. We started off on Sunday by going to church, and Liliana and Damien were very well-behaved there. Liliana went up during the children’s sermon and came away with a pretty pink prayer pillow, while Damien drooled and fell asleep half-way through the service.

Damien was wearing a cute onesie and overalls outfit, but we had to change it because he was getting too warm.

Damien with a bear and crab that Uncle Jason brought as presents

We then went to brunch and came back home for Liliana’s first Easter egg hunt. I thought it was going to be easy because Liliana likes carrying a basket and sometimes even carries it in the crook of her arm. However, it took her a while to understand how the egg hunt worked and she might have been a little wary because she hasn’t really spent a lot of time outside in the yard. After a while, Liliana did get the hang of picking up eggs, but we had to help her with putting them inside the basket.

And not everything to find was an egg…

Later on, Liliana had an egg in each hand when she came upon a third…

...and tried to get all three!

This past week I’ve been trying to make some wallpapers of Liliana and Damien’s photos but have been unsuccessful/uninspired/unfocused because there are kids crying/whining/sleeping for 15 minutes waking up all the time. I do have some work that I’ll be doing these next couple weeks, but I hope to have some wallpapers done by the end of May.

Time to feed Liliana,