Things have been really crazy in the Tapscott household!

I don’t have much time to write, so here are a few pictures that I took of the kids this Easter that really stood out:

Outside the restaurant where we had brunch

A gust of wind!

Poor Damien!

Liliana showing off an Easter egg

Probably inspecting her eggs for dirt so Mommy can wipe the dirt off with her pants

Sean and his dad have spent a good deal of time these past 2 weeks pulling up the carpet in our used mobile home (I even helped by scraping carpet pad! Expertly, I may add…) and using enzymatic cleaner in “trouble” spots. As if the trouble spots weren’t bad enough, there were several areas of sub-floor that were destroyed by water damage and/or mold. Sean, his dad, and a family friend spent all day Saturday cutting out the parts of sub-floor that we need to replace, while I primed the wood paneling in the living room and half the kitchen. I was able to snap a few pics with my cellphone while the guys were out at Lowe’s:

Primed wall on left, original wood paneling on right. Through that hallway is where all the sub-floor cutting happened.

Halfway in kitchen, looking out towards living room.

It is definitely not pretty now, but this upcoming weekend will be a dizzying schedule of renovations, deliveries, and a brief respite (which I’m keeping a secret for now!). Okay, I have to go back to earning money!

~ Mercy

Edited to add: A few more Easter pics here.