Liliana went to the doctor last week for her 2 month checkup and immunizations. Her current stats are

  • Height: 20.75 inches | 4.15% growth percentile
  • Weight: 8 lb 9 oz (so much!) | 5.31% growth percentile
  • Head Circumference: 14.02 inches | 0.62% growth percentile

The good news is that she’s gaining weight, but the bad news is that her head isn’t growing as fast as it should.

I managed to talk to the doctor about Liliana’s reflux and how I think that the Zantac isn’t working anymore. I asked about Reglan and she said while that would definitely help Liliana with her reflux, we would have to see a GI specialist. She gave me phone numbers for the CHOP Feeding Specialists to help with Liliana’s feeding aversion and for several GI specialists to help with her reflux. Hopefully we will be able to find a way to get her to feed correctly so we won’t need that feeding tube anymore! I’m going to call CHOP’s offices in King of Prussia tomorrow to set up an appointment with one of their GI doctors.

Sean and I had bought Liliana some new bottles this past week. The brand is Playtex VentAire, named for the air venting system in the bottles’ bottom caps. The first time we used this type of bottle, Liliana loved it. She practically drank her whole feeding! Things didn’t go so well when we tried feeding her again with these bottles. She went back to spitting milk out and refusing the bottle, but during one feeding the next day she accepted the bottle and drank a good amount. We have found, though, that this bottle doesn’t vent as well as Dr Brown’s. We still like this one better because of the wide nipple — it’s harder for her to gag on. Her inconsistency is frustrating and she’s become more vocal these last few days, making us a little bit more edgy and tired. We’re handling the situation as best we can by trying to relax when there’s a chance.

We’ve been giving Liliana more tummy time so she can strengthen her neck muscles, which led to this gem of a photo late one night:


The Tummy Time Nap

Truly adorable.