It’s been no surprise that I’ve been stressing out the last few weeks about Liliana’s medical bills and an application to Medical Assistance that hasn’t been getting anywhere. What is surprising though, is a letter I received today from PA Enrollment Services, which is Pennsylvania’s solution to “helping people with Medical Assistance choose a doctor and a health plan”. I went onto the COMPASS website, PA’s online application service, and checked the status of Liliana’s declined application. It said, “Denied – Currently Receiving Benefits”.

Did something happen and no one told me about it?

Aren’t I supposed to receive a letter saying, “Congratulations! You have Medical Assistance!”?

If Liliana did get Medical Assistance, we have to choose a new PCP for Liliana. I would’ve liked to keep our current pediatrician PCP, but the only health plans she accepts through Medicaid are the ones that aren’t taking new members. I hope that she’ll still be able to go to CHOP for her reflux (which is improving) and her Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinics. That’ll be something I have to look into.

It’s about time I fed Liliana, and I’m going to post the Friday Photos a little bit later. Our computer situation is being weird at home, but hopefully I won’t post the pics too late!