This will have to be another quick post.

I forgot to mention in the last one that Damien weighed 9 lbs 1 oz on Thursday, so he’s over his birth weight. His weight gain was 5(.5?) oz over 3 days, so he’s gaining faster than he should be. Maybe the fact that I’m pumping his milk and feeding him with bottles vs actual breastfeeding may have something to do with it, but I just can’t spend hours and hours with Damien attached to my chest. There are a lot of other factors that have gone into my decision to pump his milk, and I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind about it.

Today, we visited Hematology for Liliana’s high platelet count. It was a long visit because they had a hard time finding a vein to get blood from and we waited for some of the results. Liliana’s platelet count before this visit was usually in the 500 thousand range. Today her platelet count was 751,000. The nurse practitioner said that this amount wasn’t risky but it is unusual for her platelet count to be higher, especially since her gallbladder was taken out. The NP said that we’ll do another round of bloodwork in the beginning of March; if the platelet count is still high, they’ll want to do a bone marrow test since bone marrow produces the platelets.

The nurse practitioner also said that for kids who have platelet counts in the millions, they’d prescribe a blood thinner. I don’t think Liliana’s platelet count would get to be that high, but that’s a possibility that needed to be mentioned.

Damien’s getting hungry and needs a diaper change, so here are the photos in a gallery: