Damien survived his first week of daycare! It’s tough for him to leave me in the mornings, but he seems to be getting more used to it each day. Sean picks Damien up (if Sean comes home in time), and he thinks it’s actually improved the relationship he has with Damien.

Ever since he started daycare, it seems like Damien is more expressive and maybe a little more vocal. One downside is that he is extra clingy to me when he comes home! This morning (and I mean like, 2 hours after he woke up), he was following me around whining, even though I had already fed him his breakfast. Turned out he already needed a nap! Silly baby.

Oh, I didn’t realize how late it was. Liliana actually needs to be put down for her nap and her pump feeding. I did manage to get a few pictures of her eating crackers, which she can actually swallow down. There aren’t many solid foods that she’ll swallow voluntarily, so these particular crackers are like a godsend.