I have some time before heading off to bed so here’s a late night update!

These last three nights, Damien has had to be in the swing to fall asleep for the night. If you stop the swing, he sometimes wakes up crying a half hour later, while other times he’s able to keep sleeping. I don’t understand why he couldn’t sleep normally tonight; he ate 5 oz at 8:45 PM, then had another 4-5 oz. at 9:30. He should’ve zonked out by himself!

Alas, it was not to be. We put him in the swing with his pacifier. He cried a few times after dropping his pacifier, but then fell asleep maybe after half an hour.

I hope this isn’t turning into a habit, but maybe I was lucky before with him falling asleep for the night just fine on his own!

Liliana is always fighting to stay awake, no matter if she needs to go down for a nap or for the night. She likes being the center of attention, so of course she wants to be around for all the action!

I don’t think I wrote this in any of the last blogs, but we had gone to Liliana’s follow-up with hematology a while back to check on her platelet count. It was down to the 470s I think, which was way better than the 700s she had the previous time! They count 400 as being normal, so 470 isn’t bad at all! They want us to do periodic bloodwork to make sure everything’s okay, but at least we won’t have to do a bone marrow test.

Alright, it’s getting late and Liliana’s fussing. I hope I’ll get some sleep tonight!