Ahhh, Friday.

Today was my 2nd checkup of this week. The non-stress test was first this time around, so I get the monitors strapped onto my belly. The fetal heart monitor was showing a heart rate ranging from 160-180 throughout the 20+ minute test, which was a bit high compared to previous tests. The midwife took my temperature to see if that was the cause (higher temperature in the mother can possibly make the baby’s heart rate increase) but I was normal. She then asked me if I had just eaten something, but I told her that the only thing I’ve had were some waffles around 6:30 AM.

“Waffles with syrup?” she asked.


“So that’s why.”

Liliana was on a sugar rush and apparently couldn’t stop bouncing around inside. Apart from my baby’s hyperactivity, the non-stress test showed no contractions! So that was good.

The ultrasound went smoothly. The nurse gave me a profile picture of Liliana, which I may be able to post later if I can figure out Sean’s scanner. The picture itself is kind of funny because Liliana’s head takes up all of the space. She is getting BIG.

Next Tuesday I’ll have another checkup. They’ll measure Liliana on the ultrasound to see what her weight is like, and then later on I’m going to have a meeting with the lactation consultant. Sean will be going with me. Sometime next week, the doctors and midwives will decide on when exactly I should stop taking the nifedipine. The midwife today told me that I probably won’t go into labor just because I will be off the nifedipine.

In any case though, I want this to be over already! Liliana is getting the hiccups all the time and it’s getting on my nerves. She got them last night when I was ready for bed and I had the hardest time falling asleep. It seems she’s most active in the morning and at night, making the afternoon the ideal time for me to sleep — I guess because she’s also sleeping!

All right, I am definitely tired. I woke up at 6 in preparation for my appointment today and for the past few weeks I have been getting up in the middle of the night randomly to go to the bathroom. Sleep hasn’t been all that restful for me, given that my dreams have become so weird and sometimes unsettling. Thus, it is now naptime.