This week’s first checkup went very well. We began with the ultrasound, which took at the most 2 minutes. The doctor checked the amount of amniotic fluid and said it looked good. Of course, Liliana had to show off her breathing! After that was the non-stress test. I had one contraction and Liliana must have been breathing a lot because she started hiccuping.  While you can hear her heartbeat just fine on the fetal heart monitor, you can definitely hear the hiccups.

The midwife told me that they’ll probably have me stop taking the nifedipine at 36 or 37 weeks. It’ll be great to not have to take it every 6 hours (and wake up in the middle of the night to do so), but even with the nifedipine I have had some contractions. Once I stop taking it, I’m afraid that I’ll probably start labor that same day. The idea of going into labor still makes me nervous!

I woke up super early today so it is now time for a nap. Liliana must be sleeping right now as well. Naptime!