What is life but a series of changes?

Liliana’s first meeting with her occupational therapist was yesterday. Kristy was very nice and helpful, and gave me several suggestions to help Liliana with her feeding:

  1. Use consistent verbal cues during meals, such as “one bite” or “you eat”, to motivate her to eat.
  2. End meals with “All done!” at the time of my choosing, not Liliana’s. When we say “All done!” we have to pair it with an “all done” gesture.

After hearing that Liliana enjoyed ketchup off of a fry that she kept dipping over and over, Kristy suggested that as far as foods go, we should try pairing a dipping item (like a puree or yogurt) with a crunchy food. Kristy didn’t get to see Liliana eat anything because Liliana refused all foods offered, but at her next feeding Liliana did take and eat 2 big bites and 3 small bites of a banana.

Liliana’s dinnertime feeding wasn’t successful in the least, but Damien did have his first taste of rice cereal! It was hard to decipher whether or not he liked it; I think he did at first but then got too weirded out. We’ll have to try it again today and see if that will encourage Liliana to eat as well.

Speaking of Damien, he was able to roll over from being on his back to being on his tummy twice in one hour. He’s been able to turn onto his side for a while so to make the final transition in rolling over, he scrunches his body for momentum then flip! He’s on his tummy! Then he grabs the tummy time mat with death grips and drools/spits up all over. Babies.

Oh, Liliana. I checked her mouth last night and it looks like the next 4 teeth on the bottom (2 on each side) are trying to come out at the same time.

Liliana can now say “ball” and “bye bye”, and I think I heard her repeat me when I said “diaper”. The last time I tried teaching her “nose”, she said “doe”, but she definitely knows what it means. As far as hand gestures go, Liliana’s been imitating our “sleep” gesture, but instead of having hands together with palms touching (tilted head, hands on lower cheek), Liliana has her hands stacked with one on top of the other. It’s close enough! Grandma Kim has been teaching Liliana the “shh…quiet” gesture; Liliana sometimes gets it right, but most times she ends up with her pointer finger in her nose rather than pressed against her lips! I’ve seen Liliana trying to do a double shh…it wasn’t pretty, but very funny.

Damien is hungry. Time to go!

In need of another cup of coffee,