Liliana’s face is now tube-free! They took out the nasal cannulas Wednesday night and she didn’t have a suction tube for her stomach last night when we visited her. She looked so relieved to finally have all of those things off her face and it makes me happy that she’s doing so well!

She also started drinking my milk yesterday. The nurse showed us how to feed her with a bottle but when I tried, Liliana wouldn’t open her mouth. Sean tried next and managed to get the nipple in there, but Liliana was so sleepy that she didn’t try very hard with sucking the milk out. I hope that she’ll learn the feeding process quickly and will be able to keep the milk down as my bin at the hospital is completely filled up with frozen milk. I’m also using up a lot of the space in my freezer and I know I’ll eventually run out of storage space if she doesn’t catch up!

I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do at home so I won’t be visiting Liliana today. If I get a chance though, I’ll post more pictures later on!