Things have been crazy this week. To make things easier, I’m just going to do a list.

  1. Liliana went to the nutritionist on Wednesday. We met her occupational therapist there, and the appointment went well. We should be getting a sample case of Peptamen Jr 1.5, a denser formula than the one she’s using now. We’ll be weaning her onto the 1.5 so that she can get the calories she needs without having to eat as often as 5 times a day. I think it will instead be 3.5 feeds a day. We were also told how much water we need to give her, both with the regular Peptamen Jr and with the 1.5; we were never told about how much water she needed before.
  2. Damien went to the pediatrician Thursday. He’s doing really well, and is in the 70-79 percentiles for everything. He’s sitting up by himself now, and his hair is growing a lot. It looks like he has Sean’s hair color.
  3. Liliana got a haircut. I was tired of her throw-up getting in her hair.
  4. Sean’s dad has been in the hospital for the last few days. I don’t want to say too much because of privacy, but basically they don’t know what’s causing his problems. We’re praying that they’ll find out soon and that Dad will be okay. (We love you, Dad!)
  5. It really looks like Liliana’s final teeth are coming in. Things are jutting out everywhere from her gums.

Okay, I have to pump so I’ll just get on with the photos.

This one doesn’t need anything special because it’s so cute as is:

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’m done.