Just one more week until Liliana is 6 months old. That’s half a year! Liliana seems to have gotten bigger, both height-wise and weight-wise, but while she still fits in some of her 3-month clothes, she completely fills some of her 6-month clothes. Odd how that happens.

She’s doing well today. No crying, just some grunty whining that she started to do today. I think she’s only doing it because she’s bored while I’m working on the computer.

I called the County Assistance Office to talk to the supervisor about Liliana’s Medicaid application and had to leave a voicemail. I hope I’ll get a call back tomorrow at least. I still have $600+ to pay for the birth and my hospital stay, $100+ in Liliana’s feeding supplies (which I haven’t been billed for yet by CHOP HomeCare), and all of Liliana’s doctor appointments next month. She has her GI doctor ($30), Pediatrician for immunizations ($15), and Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinic (possibly $60-$90+). I’m still incredibly disappointed that I’ve not received the Proof of Disability from the social worker, and am worried that I will get confrontational if I try to push for action on this matter. Frankly, it does not take 10 days for correspondence to arrive here from Philadelphia and considering when all of this started, I should have received Proof of Disability 2 months ago.

Liliana’s getting fussy. Time for a diaper change and a feeding!