Liliana turned 2 years old last Friday. While we would have liked to celebrate it with friends and more family, wet snow and poor road conditions prevented us from doing so. We stayed indoors, painted, played bowling, and played with bubbles. Our power went out a few times and was restored eventually, so everything turned out okay.

Liliana tried blowing out the candle, but she was mostly playing. Grandpa and Daddy blew out the candle for her.

Damien checking out the snow we were getting on Saturday

Liliana is still doing poorly with her feedings, especially the overnight ones. The best day this week was Wednesday, and that was only because I had given her 4 feedings through the day, allowing her to get a good majority of her calories in before the overnight feed.

It’s time to get Liliana’s morning feed going and I have some errands and work to do today, so here’s a list of mentionables for this week:

  1. Liliana had a pediatrician appointment on Monday where she got her flu shot. She fell asleep in the evening, straight through the neighborhood’s trick-or-treating.
  2. She weighed in at 23 lbs 6 oz, so she has gained weight since the nutritionist appointment. She’s also 32.5 inches tall.
  3. Damien walked 4-5 steps, though he can’t do it consistently.
  4. His hair has been looking a bit darker in color.
  5. Liliana ate and swallowed several Kix during her occupational therapy session. She also learned how to blow bubbles by herself.

If I get any free time today or this weekend, I’ll get new photos.