Sean and I have just given Liliana a bath so she can be (mostly) clean for tomorrow’s Easter sermon and subsequent brunch. This will be her first time at church, and will also be her first time meeting many of the people that have supported us and prayed for us during my pregnancy.

In other news, the past week or so Liliana’s been doing spit bubbles. She is definitely teething, with teeth buds clearly popping out on her bottom gums. She’s now dexterous enough that she sticks out her thumb from her fist and is able to put just her thumb in her mouth. Although we try to feed her orally, it seems the only thing she likes to suck on is her hands. Sean tried 2 different bottles last night, and Liliana only chewed on the nipples. We’ve given her rice cereal and sweet potatoes, and she spat most of it out.

One last thing to the people who are subscribed to the e-mail feed. I don’t understand why Google’s Feedburner is behaving so oddly in that it will send out e-mails a day late (meaning Friday Photos get sent Saturday mornings!). I’ve tried the suggested “fixes” to no avail, and after a considerable amount of frustration, am going to find a different avenue for e-mail feeds. I will post with the new subscribe link once I’ve found a suitable replacement!

Thanks everyone!