Liliana’s tolerance for her feedings has gotten much better! Even though she was having some trouble with her overnight feeding last night (it was a more difficult feed because it was a larger volume and slightly faster rate), she’s done very well with her overnight feedings the past week.

What hasn’t improved is Liliana’s attitude with Damien. Yesterday during Early Intervention, Liliana was playing with her bowling set and said, “All mine!” Damien can’t even check out what she’s doing without her trying to push him away.

Damien can now walk very short distances before he has to crouch or sit down. It will probably be another week or two until he’s walking everywhere.

These kids are trouble!

Don't you think he could be in a baby magazine?

Damien's six teeth

Again, but not as beaver-like

Liliana was having her feeding. She has an owl sticker on her pants.

Okay, I have work to do and kids to take care of. Bye!