The weather has cooled down some, and it seems to be the perfect temperature to hang around outside. The kids played a lot yesterday, first with Sean and then later on with the neighbor kids.

Liliana first tried playing frisbee with Sean, while Damien wandered around.

And then Liliana wandered off, Sean begged me to play frisbee, and Damien was just running around.

After the kids’ nap, I thought it would be nice to get out. After some debate, we decided to let the kids play outside and Sean would play horseshoes with a neighbor. Eventually, our kids and the neighbor’s kids got together and it turned into a free-for-all. Damien grabbed the neighbors’ toys, the neighbors were playing with our toys, and even one of the boys that lives down a few houses came and played.

Sean thinks one of the neighbor boys likes Liliana because he said, “So beautiful!” when Liliana was riding a tricycle. She had a lot of fun with the tricycle—her legs are too short to use the pedals, so she used her feet to scoot the tricycle around and learned how to use the handles to steer and turn.

Not much else has happened, so I’ll end it here.