Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!

Liliana is now 2 weeks away from being 4 months old and guess what? She has a tooth bud! Sean’s mom found it on her lower jaw Friday night and we actually got to see it this morning. I wasn’t expecting her to start getting teeth so soon but apparently she’s full of surprises!

As a gift to Sean for Valentine’s Day, Liliana and I took some photos together. The best one, and the one I ended up printing out and putting into a frame for Sean, was this one:

Portrait of Liliana and her mommy!

Portrait of Liliana and her mommy!

It would’ve been nice if I could get her to smile for the camera but I only have two hands!

Well it’s time to get ready for her 3 o’clock feeding. Have a great V-day!

  • Christina


    what big cheeks she has!!! >:O

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